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About Us

What we do?

Here at Protein Realm we are dedicated to bringing you insightful and well-researched information on different protein products and supplements in the fitness industry. We have a variety of writers each with their own field of expertise inside of the fitness industry. Backed up with years worth of experience, both in the professional sense and from their own fitness journeys. We review some of the most popular protein supplements and fitness trends going on in the industry. As well as some of the more niche aspects of the sector.

Who Writes our content?

Our content is written by fitness experts. Everyone who writes for us here at Protein Realm has had a minimum of 5+ years worth of experience in the industry. Whether that be accredited professional doctors and dietitians or personal trainers or body builders. One thing you can be assured with when reading one of our articles is that it comes from someone who has spent an immense amount of time conducting in-depth research on the subject of the article. Many of who have personal experience with the product or fitness methodology they may be writing about. We leave no stone unturned when creating fitness-based content and reviews for our readers.

Our Writers

Dr Jerry Brown

Jerry has been a General Practitioner doctor in the UK now for over 10 years. He knows full well the impact a healthy diet can have on his clients. With more than 5 years worth of time spent studying diet optimisation and the role of protein in the body. Jerry is responsible on our more fact-based articles that rely on a science heavy focus. Looking at the nutritional breakdowns of food and the body’s response to exercise and food.

Jessica Smith

Jessica is a life long personal trainer and author of best selling fitness and diet books. With over 15 years of expertise to share on exercise and diet. She’s written for many of the major publications both inside and out of the fitness industry, including the likes of Men’s Health and Forbes. Jessica is responsible for a lot of our product reviews and exercise regime articles. As she has a wealth of hands on experience in what works well, drawing on experience not only from her own fitness journey, but also her clients.

Kris Gethin

Kris Gethin is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach with 15 years of experience in the fitness industry. He is a bodybuilding expert and accomplished competitor at the national level. Kris’ writing focuses on evidence-based research and practical advice for muscle building, strength training, nutrition, and recovery techniques. Kris is responsible for any of our articles that have a high focus on muscle building and resistance training.